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Individual considerations:

1.      Please be at ease, your travel is organized by a tour company.

2.      Please undergo a medical examination before the travel.

3.      Please avoid excessive alcohol consumption andextreme fatigue during the travel.

Travel safety:

1.      Please comply strictly with the guidelines provided by the company during the travel.

2.      Swim in the set area of the lake shore and avoid diving too deep.

3.      Do not swim if you are under the influence of alcohol or feel sick.

4.      Choose comfortable clothes for hiking in the mountains.

5.      Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants/trousers to prevent insect or bug bites, and follow the instructions of the guide when sightseeing in hot or rainy places.

6.      Always carry your valuables and important papers, such as passports and ID cards.

7.      Close the window firmly to prevent burglary, and leave your valuables secured in the hotel’s safe deposit boxwhen you leave the hotel.

8.      Look after your belongings (e.g. passports) and tourists, who are in groups,must watch over one another’s luggage and prevent from losing it.

9.      Familiarize with your hotel and memorize the emergency exit routes.

10.  Do not go too far from the hotel on your rest day. Carry the address and business card of the hotel before leavingon your own.

11.  Do not open your door to suspicious people. Check whether your door and window are locked and do not leave your valuables on display before sleep.

12.   Register via your passport to enter the hotel.

Food safety:

1.      Always check for the production date, factory name and the ingredients (if you have food allergies)


Things to bring:  


o    Light footwear, such as hiking or sport shoes and flip-flops, easy for walking.

o    Rain coat and umbrella

o    Sun hat

o    Sunglasses

o    The bus air-conditioner is turned on at all times, therefore, bring a sweater to prevent cold urticaria

First aid kit:

o    Bandages of different sizes

o    Medications to reduce fever

o    Gastrointestinal drugs (e.g. to treat diarrhea)

o    Cold and cough medicines


o    Sunscreen

o    Skin moisturizers

o    Spare batteries for camera

o    Electrical socket adapter

Currency exchange : The money /to be spent on souvenirs, foods, beverages and tips which is not included in the travel costs/ is exchanged at a bank or a trading center with the exchange rate of the day.

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