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  • The Seven Lakes Tour - BMT 5/1

    Are you fond of Lake Tours where you can see the horizon reflecting on the undulated surface, spot birds and fish nearby or simply put your feet up by the lakeshore? If so, we present you the seven lakes of our best picks: Ogii Lake, Khyarg...

    Duration: 17 days & 16 nights
    Starting time: Any date of your choice
    From: $2200
  • The Gobi Desert Tour - BMT 5/2

    A surprise awaits you at every corner of the Gobi Desert. However the bleak, vast and silent the place may seem, the colossal sand dunes, ice-filled canyons, dinosaur fossils and the Mirror Rock will never disappoint you. It is not only a m...

    Duration: 11 days & 10 nights
    Starting time: From 15th of June to 24th of June From 20th of July to 29th of July From 10th of August to 19th of August
    From: $1800
  • The Genghis Khan’s Birthplace Tour - BMT 5/3

    Live through the history of Mongolia! Visit the ancient monastery, lakes, petroglyphs, burial site consists of around 200 burial mounds – a few of the pieces of Mongolian history. Above all, have a visit on the birthplace of the most feared...

    Duration: 9 days & 8 nights
    Starting time: Any date of your choice
    From: $1400
  • The Lake Khuvsgul Tour - BMT 5/4

    We present you the second-most voluminous freshwater lake in Asia, Lake Khuvsgul. Because the lake comprises a marvelous natural vista, it is an endeared gem of Mongolians. The lake is estimated to be more than 2 million years old and to re...

    Duration: 12 days & 11 nights
    Starting time: From 2nd of August to 13th of August
    From: $1400